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Here at Media Variation we can optimise your selling potential with large format advertising on surfaces in high profile places such as shopping centres and public places internally and externally. These types of advertising methods create a stir and captivate the minds of the genernal public, enabling your company to increase selling potential and insure that your target market grows.


Wall graphics

Wall graphics enable your advertisement to be extremely large covering whole surfaces no matter if they are flat or ridged. The impact of wall advertising is huge as it is eye catching and different to the normal billboard type poster. Increasing impressions of your advert is important and to do this you need something a little different.  We can incorporate a spectacular design into a wall graphic and create a buzz from the public, helping your advert stick in their minds and increasing your selling potential.


Floor Advertising

Floor advertising is a creative and innovative approach to impact upon the general public.  Here at Media Variation we are able to provide you with a campaign with floor advertising internally and externally.  These large format adverts create the wow factor that you need for your advert to have maximum effect on its audience. Creating these types of large format adverts is our speciality and increasing your sales is our passion with floor graphic adverts we can ensure that your campaign will be a success.


Window Graphics

Window graphics are a high impact advertising method as they can be seen internally by visitors to the shopping centre and externally to the passing general public.  They are a brilliant way of advertising new products to a variety of people, advertising to increase your target market is essential and impacting on as many people as possible is imperative and with Media Variation and window graphics you cannot go wrong.





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