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Renting your advertising space.

Why waste your space? Putting advertisements on your vacant escalator glass, lift door shutters, interior & exterior floors, large flat interior or exterior walls can benefit you as a business. Media Variation gives you the opportunity to rent your unused space to others to advertise on we handle everything from getting clients who wish to advertise on your surface to design (with your approval) to installation and finally removal you won�t have to worry about a thing while earning rent from you unused space as we have the ability to promote your space to the fullest contact us to find out more.

If you�re a shopping centre or department store let us sell your space to companies that sell their products within your centre such as new perfumes or a clothing line we can take the pressure off you trying to sort this out with our marketing and sales team who are dedicated to getting your space maximum profits you won�t have to worry about a thing as we take care of sales, contracts print, fitting and maintenance, with our digital printed vinyl there won�t be damage to your surfaces as the vinyl is of excellent quality and can be removed within a few hours without any evidence of it ever being there.

Our trained application team can come at a time of the day or night that suits you as we understand you cannot have your customers disturbed whilst in your centre or store.

If you are interested in advertising on your own space on escalators, lift doors or other surfaces contact us and we will insure that we can meet your needs and send you more information call 0161-850-7000.

We also offer individuals the chance to rent their car to our clients for vehicle wrapping campaigns. If you wish to earn some extra income and be considered for our vehicle wrapping campaigns please visit the drivers wanted page.