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Promotional Billboard People

 Eco - Friendly Advertising
Nationwide advertising
Reaches City Centre Streets
PR Staff, Sampling and Leaflet Distribution

Media Variation now offers promotional billboard people advertisements these large back adverts really do entices people to come and have a look at your promotion the beauty of this format of advertising is that our promotional billboard people can go anywhere to promote to your target audience and potential clients. Perfect for events leaflet distribution hand to hand and also for a general awareness of new products, services and brands.

Our promotional billboard people not only have the billboard at a massive 1440mm by 576mm at the back but also your advert can be above our promotional persons head at the front giving you extra coverage front and back the advertising space for the front is 640mm by 576mm driving your message to your potential clients from every angle and letting them walk away with a hard copy of the information

Promotional billboard people really stand out from the crowd � make your business get noticed with a campaign in and region across Britain and use our eye catching methods of advertising with branded promotional people.replica watches

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