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Most WANTED Campaign

Manchester Police Most WANTED Campaign to help catch 36 Criminals wanted in the Greater Manchester Area

Manchester Evening News report on the latest crack down to name and shame 36 Most Wanted Criminals with Chief Inspector Dave Gilbride andMedia Variations Advertising Vans.

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With our 20ft by 10ft mobile billboards we can provide you with a advertising campaign with high impact to potential customers. These mobile large format billboards can be offered for campaigns across the UK. Hard hitting and extremely noticeable our advertising vans are sure to get you noticed they can be used day or night as they have effective lighting to really get you noticed especially in those short winter days the advertisement can be seen from both sides, front & back making it highly visible to all road users and pedestrians. 

 The ad vans can follow your specific route around the area that you are targeting to promote new stores, awareness of issues in the area, promotions, offers, sales and any other products or services that your company/organisation offers.

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